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During the early part of my career, I was a figurative oil painter. The impetus for my work began when I was looking through a wedding album where everyone was smiling and happy. I knew, having been to weddings, including two of my own, that there were many strong as well as conflicting emotions. That awareness took me down the path of painting multiple infused  realities. For example, one solo show at Plum Gallery called Happy Hour, evolved when I visited different bars, had conversations with and painted the patrons (with permission granted). Many real-life stories unfolded, some happy and others not, and often with an interesting twist.

After many successful years, I was told for health reasons to stop using oil paint. I then had a TWENTY-FIVE YEAR TANTRUM (i.e., I stopped painting). When Covid came, I HAD TO PAINT, and I transitioned to watercolor, which I find endlessly fascinating.

There are many different perspectives in my work, fueled by my many different (and often unrecognized) emotions experienced while I paint. There is no one narrative to follow. The paintings “Carousel,” “Red Wine,” and “Mommy” may suffice as examples of this.

My ultimate hope is that my work would be a catalyst for the viewer and lead them down paths of their own feelings and exploration.

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